Discovery Flight Gift Certificates

When purchasing Gift Certificates, the cost of the Discovery Flight plus applicable tax will be included in your total. Once redeemed, the customer will be subject to a nominal fuel surcharge (which varies month to month). Please call if you have any questions.

The “Pioneer”

It’s just a taste of what it’s like to fly with the birds, but it’s enough to get you hooked! You will fly in our Cessna 172SP. Your instructor will demonstrate a takeoff. Once clear of the airport traffic pattern, the instructor will hand you the controls! Now you’re flying! Make the plane turn, climb, and descend while enjoying the views from above. After your instructor lands the airplane, you will be given a presentation of our Private Pilot course. Your instructor will also answer any questions you may have about learning how to fly. Please allow 60 minutes total time for the “Pioneer” Discovery Flight and course presentation. Total time in aircraft is about 30 minutes, 20 minutes of which is in the air. $109.00

The “Explorer”

This is a real flight lesson based on our Private Pilot syllabus! Assist your instructor in aircraft pre-flight procedures. Once in our Cessna 172S aircraft, start the engine and taxi for takeoff. Perform the engine “run-up” procedures, then call the tower when you’re ready to fly. After takeoff, you will take the controls. Once reaching our “practice area”, the instructor will demonstrate several maneuvers including level flight, climbs, descents, and steep turns. Now it’s your turn! Maintain altitude, turn left and right to headings, and bank the aircraft to perform a complete circle. Now its time for “touch-and-goes” – practice landings. Learn about airport traffic patterns, power settings, flap settings, and landing procedures. Once you land on the runway (we know you haven’t had enough yet) – your instructor will apply power and takeoff again! Fly the pattern once more and land again. Please allow approximately 2 hours total time for the “Explorer” Discovery Flight which includes a course presentation. Total time in aircraft is about 1 hour 10 minutes, 55 to 60 minutes of which is in the air. $229.00

Cirrus Intro

LFTC was Ohio’s first Authorized Cirrus Training Center, and this flight will introduce you to the genius of Cirrus Aircaft. As you board our technologically advanced Cirrus SR22, notice the state-of-the-art glass cockpit and the side stick controls. After takeoff your instructor will demonstrate various maneuvers including climbs, turns, and descents. As you take the controls, you will maintain straight and level flight, then climb, turn, and descend. Additionally, your instructor will show you various safety features aboard the aircraft. Please allow approximately 1 hour 30 minutes total time for the “Cirrus Intro” Discovery Flight and course presentation. Total time in aircraft is about 50 minutes, 40 minutes of which is in the air. $259.00