Certificates and Ratings

Private Pilot Certification

Whether you obtain your Private Pilot Certificate purely for the pleasure of flying, or if flying will be your career, this is where it all begins. Learning to fly is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you will have in your life. A Private Pilot can rent aircraft, take friends and family on weekend getaways, or just go flying to see the sights. Our instructors will teach you the ground lessons, guide your self-study program, and provide flight training in our aircraft.
Initially, basic maneuvers and air traffic control procedures are taught. The goal for the first stage of the Private Pilot course is solo flight. Once you solo, cross country training begins. You will learn how to navigate from airport to airport while utilizing pilotage, dead reckoning, and on-board navigation equipment. Finally, your pilot skills are honed as you prepare for the Flight Test.
All of our courses follow the Gleim Aviation syllabus, so you will always know which lessons have been completed, and what you will be doing next. Periodically, you’ll fly with one of our senior instructors on Stage Checks. Stage Checks are a standard part of the syllabus and allow you to advance to the next portion of training. Ground school is a combination of one-one-one lessons and self study, and is incorporated between flight lessons throughout the syllabus.
Lunken Flight Training Center specializes in one-on-one instruction and we fly on your schedule. We also offer an accelerated program option. There are just a few prerequisites that must be met to begin flight training. See our FAQs or ask an instructor for details.
Our instructors will be glad to show our aircraft, give you a tour of our facility, and even take you on an Introductory Flight Lesson. Call (513) 321-3211 to make an appointment.

Instrument Rating

  • Private Pilot Certificate, SEL
  • Current Third Class Medical Certificate
  • Appropriate Aircraft Rental Checkout
An instrument rating allows pilots to fly through clouds and other types of weather that cause reduced visibility. The main focus of the instrument rating is flying with precision while solely utilizing information provided by the instruments and navigation equipment provided in the aircraft. This is accomplished by a combination of one-one-one ground lessons, simulation sessions in our PCATD aircraft simulator, and flight lessons in the airplane.
Although the instrument rating follows a syllabus, the path can vary depending on the experience level of the pilot. Pilots should seek assistance from one of our instructors to calculate an approximate course cost.

Other certificates and ratings

LFTC is able to provide training in any of its aircraft, or in your personally owned aircraft. We offer in-house training for other Certificates and Ratings including:
  • Commercial Pilot, Single Engine*
  • Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine Add-On*
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Flight Instructor, ASEL & AMEL
  • Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • Multi-Engine
* Commercial Pilot Certification is offered in our single engine aircraft. The pilot may then receive a Commercial Pilot Certificate AMEL as an add on.