Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Discovery Flight?
A Discovery Flight is an “introductory flight lesson”.  LFTC offers three Discovery Flight options on our website  Many times, these are given as gifts, but it’s also a fixed cost way to introduce an aspiring pilot to aviation.
Does a Discovery Flight count as part of my flight time?
Yes!  Your instructor will log your flight time for you.  While you may not complete an entire lesson, you will be introduced to certain maneuvers, and even practice them yourself, with instructor guidance of course!
How often do I take lessons?
Lunken Flight Training Center specializes in accelerated training.  The instructor will schedule the student several times per week.  If you availability does not allow lessons to be scheduled 5 to 6 times per week, we will certainly accommodate you, however it is highly recommended that lessons are scheduled at least 2 to 3 times per week.
How many hours of flight time does it take to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate?
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that a student seeking Private Pilot Certification have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time (a combination of flights with your instructor and solo flight).  This is the “legal minimum” and is not realistic in most cases.  Note that the individual student’s proficiency plays a major role in the total number of hours.  The national average of total hours varies depending on which publication you read, but typically the range is 60 to 70 hours.  This is why LFTC, or any other flight school, cannot “quote” you a cost. LFTC does provide costs based on our syllabus.  It is not guaranteed that any student will obtain Private Pilot Certification within a certain number of hours or within a certain budget.  Results have shown that many students flying a minimum of three lessons per week obtain their Private Pilot Certification at or below the national average number of hours which means an overall cost savings.
How long does it take to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate?
Lunken Flight Training Center specializes in accelerated training.  Students can obtain their Pilot Pilot Certificate in 100 days or less in our accelerated program (ask for details).  All of the following are factors in the length of time it may take to obtain certification:  Frequency of lessons, each student’s individual progress during lessons, the student’s self study habits, and the student’s ability to retain the required knowledge.
Do I have to participate in the accelerated program?
No.  While there is no requirement for you to have 5 to 6 lessons per week, LFTC realizes that your personal schedule or financial position may not allow you to schedule this often.  We strongly recommend students fly at least twice per week.
How much does a lesson cost?
Typically a lesson is 1.0 to 1.5 hours of flight time and .5 hours of pre- and post-flight briefings with your instructor.  A lesson in the Diamond DA20 may range from $200.00 to $270.00.  Certain lessons, cross country flying for example, will cost more.  Ask an instructor for more details.
Is financing available for flight training?
Yes!  We offer financing through Pilot Finance Inc.  Brochures and applications are available at LFTC, or you may visit their website at
How old do I have to be to fly?
While there is no minimum age limit to actually take lessons, LFTC’s policy is the minimum age of 15 (with parent or legal guardian permission and information on file). Please keep in mind that:
  • The minimum age to solo an aircraft is 16
  • The minimum age to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate is 17
Why do some aircraft cost more than others to rent?
Many factors are used to determine the rental rate of an aircraft.  Some of these factors are:
  • Make and Model
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Insurance Costs
  • Fuel Costs
  • Installed Equipment (GPS, Autopilots, etc.)
Do your rental rates include fuel?
Yes, aircraft rental rates include fuel.
Do I have to pay upfront?
No. LFTC does not accept money on account at this time. All flights are pay-as-you-go.
Do you accept credit and debit cards?
Yes! LFTC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for your convenience.
Do you accept cash or checks?
LFTC accepts cash, but checks are not accepted.
Do you charge tax?
Yes, Ohio sales tax of 6.5% is applicable on aircraft rental and the sale of products. There is also an airport tax (City of Cincinnati) of 1% on all products and services. Instruction time and some other services are not subject to Ohio sales tax, but are subject to the 1% airport tax.
How is flight time tracked and billed?
Flight time is tracked by a meter in the aircraft called a “Hobbs Meter”. This is the industry standard for tracking flight time and is simply a device that keeps time in tenths of hours. Aircraft billing and dual-instruction time is calculated by using this meter.
How is ground instruction billed?
Your instructor will keep track of ground time billed by using a clock. After each lesson, you will be billed in tenths of hours for ground instruction at our posted rates.
What do I have to buy right away?
Some flight schools require you to purchase all of your books and materials up front, prior to your first lesson. LFTC provides some flexibility with this requirement. Students must purchase these items by the end of the third flight lesson. Usually by this time, the student has made the decision whether or not to continue with flight training.
What is the administration fee?
A one time administration fee is charged to students seeking any certificate or rating. This fee helps support our online scheduling system and helps pay for other resources available to students and instructors at our school.
What syllabus does LFTC utilize?
LFTC utilizes the Gleim Aviation syllabus for training which is included in the appropriate Pilot Kit.
Besides the Private Pilot Kit, what else do I need to buy?
The Private Pilot Kit is required to be purchased by the end of the third flight lesson. Other items required at the same time are a headset and aeronautical charts. A headset is not part of the kit because there are so many choices and price ranges for headsets. Aeronautical charts and publications are not in the kit because they expire periodically and must be purchased each time a revised version is released. Ask your instructor for more details.
Is there a medical requirement for my Private Pilot Certification?
Yes.  Prior to soloing an aircraft, a student must obtain a 3rd class medical certificate from an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner).  If your health is in question, we highly recommend you obtain this certificate prior to beginning your flight training.  If you cannot obtain a medical certificate, you cannot solo*.  A list of approved AMEs in our area is available at our office. *A Medical Certificate is not required for students seeking LSA Certification.
What if I have a lesson scheduled and the weather looks like we may not fly?
Call first! Never assume a lesson is cancelled. If your instructor determines the weather is not suitable for flying (which of course is part of what you learn to determine as well!), you still may be able to accomplish some ground training.
Who maintains your aircraft?
All LFTC aircraft are maintained by FlightLogix, a Lunken Airport based company which has the same ownership as LFTC. For more information about FlightLogix, visit
Once I obtain Private Pilot Certification, can I rent your aircraft?
Of course! We take pride in our aircraft so not only are they safe and impeccably maintained for training, but are desirable to rent as well.
What do I need to bring with me before I can fly?
If you are seeking ANY dual instruction, (including rental checkouts, flight reviews, recurrent training, or continued education dual instruction), you MUST bring with you:
  • Verification of US Citizenship which requires one of the following:
  • Original (NOT a copy), government-issued birth certificate (US) with raised seal PLUS photo ID – or
  • Current, valid (not expired) US passport – or
  • Original (NOT a copy) US Naturalization Certificate with raised seal PLUS photo ID – or
  • Federal Agency certification of Federal Employee’s citizenship PLUS government issued photo ID
If you do not bring the required documentation with you, you will not be able to receive flight instruction. There are no exceptions.
If you have a question not answered on this page, please contact us